Resilient Single Moms!


These are just a few terms used to categorize people. These labels often come with big feelings and naive stereotypes. This is precisely why Bateson says, “We have to broaden our understanding of (family) and look for new metaphors,” and is precisely why I am writing a book validating the single mothering journey with a huge “atta girl!”

The countless hours of scholarly research I have done on single mothers indicates #resilience, #strength and profound #capability. As I’m feeling the sunshine warm my face as I’m curled up with a cup of coffee while my computer keyboard is clicking with a fervor, I am passionately dispelling the societal myths and misconceptions that single moms are incapable, needy and a problem to be fixed. In fact, the research points in the exact opposite direction.

Resilience peers through the darkness and finds a way though challenges and obstacles. It twists and turns in its very own direction as it forges it’s own unique path into the sun and grows strong and tall, blooming into a whole new version of itself. A beautiful journey is carved, in spite of the struggle. Beauty — passionately, intentionally lived beauty — is borne. And incredible LIFE abounds.

My book, and the research, says YES to single moms and it says YES to their own amazing journeys — of pain, heartbreak, healing, overcoming and the many colors that swirl into its custom canvas of LIFE!

You are seen, heard and validated here, single mamas. You belong and I believe in you!!!! Xx- Lindsay and #livetrue 💕


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