Believing in the unseen

I’m bringing it again today. My story. It’s on the table and my heart is a wide open book. This journey of surrender stirs so many emotions within me. It makes my heart beat fast. It’s vulnerable and it’s raw. It’s me being fully real and fully raw.

The tumult of having my life shatter in front of me and then picking up the pieces one at a time has rocked my world. It’s also allowed me to build a beautiful mosaic that is full of textures and colors and creativity that would never be there had I not gone through the process of being broken.

If you want to learn more, keep your eyes peeled for my article in Grand Traverse Woman Magazine in January and come hear me speak at the luncheon on February 13th. Both the article and talk are two in depth spins on how I have rebuilt my life into something so filled with love, goodness and many amazing adventures. I invite you to share in my journey of transformation and offer you all of the abundance for your own journey as well.

Living our best life is about believing it is possible—even when we can’t see what we desire yet. I’ve found this to be absolutely crucial on my own road. What started as a story of limitation is now a story of hope, faith, perseverance. There is a new story. And it’s all mine. And it’s BLESSED.

To believe in the things you can see and touch is no belief at all - but to believe in the unseen is a triumph and a blessing. -Abraham Lincoln


A little holiday cheer

My sweet little one came home early from school with a stomach bug and we cuddled, turned on the Christmas tree lights and lit cozy candles. Sweaters and snuggles kicked off our day. We have been wrapping it up with amazing food (gotta love sautéed crimini mushrooms and basil, salmon, green beans and handmade bread). A compassionate brother, a little wine paired with Christmas movies and a French bulldog sitting at our feet topped off the night. When things get too fast, sometimes life throws a wrench in the plan and reminds you to live #yourbestlife now. I wish each one of you the gift of choosing a little #hygge and a lot of intentional #coziness — hug those you love and show yourself and them that you care. A little love and intention goes a long way. Feeding our body and heart with the good stuff is #therapy in itself. #cheers to #fridaynight !

Hygge + The Holidays

 It’s that time of year when things can feel oh so magical at one moment and then swing like a pendulum to feelings of anxiety or sadness. There is so much goodness swirling around, but for many of us, often a memory might trigger a feeling of loss or grief or we might just get plain overwhelmed.

I just found this little gem and filled it with words that would help me remember some of the things I want to build into our holiday season at home. It makes me feel happy and it reminds me that there is always something to be grateful for. It’s the little things, right?

During this holiday season, be sure to carve in down time to feel your feelings...or take a bath...or go for a run. Sometimes we need to balance the bustle with a moment to clarify what matters most to us so that we can build our priorities around that.

What is it that you need in order to stay grounded? Perhaps a little #hygge or perhaps a hot cocoa with a loved one. Listen to that still small voice and be gentle with yourself. You are worth taking care of!

Pursue Your Purpose

 ❤️ this. Such an important reminder as we head into the bustle of the holiday season. Sometimes, a quick fix seems like it may be the answer when we are being challenged and stretched. When the road gets hard, remember to breathe, practice some good self care and stay the course. Don’t compromise your purpose with a back up plan. Your purpose is worth pursuing. Thanks for sharing this little gem, Ashley Postier

Happy Thanksgiving ❤️

My arms are wrapped around them so dearly, I won’t ever let go.I’m feeling deeply thankful for these miraculous humans and incredibly joyful to be living this life, in all its light and darks, ups and downs, successes and failures. How I love my people (you!) and how I choose goodness. I choose love. And I choose the beauty of a REAL, wholehearted life. Happy Thanksgiving, my friends. ❤️