Empowering Women!

I just had a lovely evening talking life and self love with the Self, Love, Beauty CEO, Lisa Thompson; keynote speaker on helping your teen thrive instead of survive, Jacquie Conger and conference master Kim Clark. It’s such a humbling reminder that #empoweredwomenempowerwomen. I can’t wait to take the fuel that I received from our beautiful evening together and lavish that love right back into our amazing teen women tomorrow! It’s not too late to register! Register: https://www.selflovebeauty.com/teenconference/?fbclid=IwAR2YdhrIj8JcNjWzFvoVlC3Kc1-x5gK2o961sNUcA--18-L1AfVQo-07O9s

Live with Authenticity & Condidence

Excitement fills the air and gratitude fills my heart in anticipation for this Saturday’s Self, Love, Beauty teen conference!! I can’t wait to share about LIVING LIFE WITH AUTHENTICITY & CONFIDENCE. Experiencing teen women OWN who they are and practice SELF LOVING behaviors is a joy to encounter. Pushing through the fears and choosing to #livetrue to themselves is a victory worth celebrating. Join me on a journey of be.YOU.tiful living as we stand on our sacred ground with #confidence. Register: https://www.selflovebeauty.com/teenconference/?fbclid=IwAR2YdhrIj8JcNjWzFvoVlC3Kc1-x5gK2o961sNUcA--18-L1AfVQo-07O9s

Self, Live, Beauty Teen Event

 Moms of teen women!! Check this out! “This conference takes place on Saturday, February 23, 2019 from 9am-5pm at the Grand Traverse Academy in Traverse City, Michigan. This event is filled with sessions around self, love and beauty to provide tools to young girls to enhance their confidence in empowerment, mental health, self-confidence and self-care.” I will be speaking about living with authenticity and confidence along with my amazing counseling colleague, @thecalminthestormcounselor and awesome soul sister and yogi extraordinaire, Sarah Rhinelaner! We want to see your girls ROAR! Join me on a journey of self love, self embrace, standing on your sacred ground and living your life with confidence. The Self, Love, Beauty Teen Conference is open to all! Click on link to register:



As I’m snuggled up to my cup of coffee in my #joy mug, I’m feeling all the warmth and all the love for tomorrow’s #galentinesday talk at the Grand Traverse Woman Magazine luncheon. Earlier today, I was talking with one of my closest friends and asked her if I should really share a deeper layer of my story during tomorrow’s talk. I shared my fears about being so open and how I didn’t want to over complicate the message. She said a resounding “yes” to more transparency and reminded me that it makes me more relatable. While it feels scary to show more scars than I’m comfortable with, my answer must be a resounding “yes.” I say yes with love for each woman that will be listening tomorrow. For each woman who has been hurt, knocked down or has felt defeated. I will share and I will do it a thousand times again because no one is alone on this journey of life and we need to remember that we have each other and that we can draw upon more love and more strength inside us in order to do #brave things and move from “Rock Bottom to Rocking It.” BRING IT!, I say. I’m feeling a readiness and a inspiration welling up in me so deeply that all I can do in stand is gratitude. Gratitude for my journey and how it has grown me and my perspective on life; gratitude for my tribe - “behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back,” as my dear friend Kecia said so beautifully today; gratitude for my children and their courageous lives; and gratitude for the opportunity to speak my truth. With peace and 💕, Lindsay


 What are your dreams? What stirs your heart? What if you committed yourself to keeping those dreams on the table? Even if they seemed so far off that you didn’t know how they could be possible?

What if we claimed those dreams as if they were ours NOW? What if we felt our way into them with love? What if our life depended upon seeing them to fruition?

Dreams are so important. They are LIFE. And they are the whispers of our heart, beckoning us to #listen to their message.

Dream, dear one, and don’t stop. Take a step toward that dream #today. I believe in you. So does your dream.

Link to My Article!

My Grand Traverse Woman Article, Beauty from the Ashes: My Journey of Transformation, is now AVAILABLE to read on-line (link below). It is with great love and lots of vulnerability that I share my story -- I'm finding myself feeling deeply grateful.Lots of love, my friends!

Article on pages 6-8:  https://www.grandtraversewoman.com/jan-feb-2019-issue/