Attitude from Within

In order to become your most powerful tool, your attitude must be dictated from within. -Rhonda Byrne, The Hero

This is me squeezing in the last little bit of my workout - in my heels. Why? Because I can and because it feels good to be in charge of my attitude and my intentions. I didn’t have time for my arms and abs after my early morning run, so I did it AFTER I got all made up for the day. I’d rather have a little sweaty glaze and feel like I can achieve my goals than skip out on my intentions because things didn’t go the way I had planned.

Coupling #attitude with #positivity is truly a game changer. When I choose a #workout and get my mind and heart centered for the day, it makes #choosing an awesome attitude so much easier.

I cannot more highly recommend Rhonda Byrne and her book series. The quote above is from my favorite one, The Hero.

Go and #slay today by clothing yourself with an awesome attitude and more positivity and gratitude than you think you can handle. Eyes on the prize as you craft that beautiful life of yours into its own amazing masterpiece.

You are worthy!

You are DESERVING of love and belonging. When others tell you you’re not worthy enough, smart enough, wealthy enough, cool enough or worth fighting for, you can #choose to turn away from their words/actions and take back the birthright that is yours.

It’s time. Time to spring clean and get organized so you can feed yourself with words and messages and mantras that keep your vibe high and remind you that you are #worthy. You are not alone and you matter. You. Are. Enough.

With all the love,


xx Lindsay

Awesome Camp Open House

YOU ARE INVITED! We hope you can come check out the best place on earth: Camp Bil-O-Wood! Join us at The Little Fleet on Sunday, April 14 from 1-3 pm for a Camp Open House where you can meet the camp director, talk with camp parents and alumni and watch a promo video while your kids eat a s’more, meet current campers and do a craft! This place literally changed my life and its changing the lives of my kiddos. It’s the real deal. Sports, nature, campfires, canoe trips and life long friendships are just a few of the many amazing things Bil-O-Wood has to offer. We love it and we know you will too!

Music, like water to the soul

THIS is what makes me come alive. Music, good friends, wine and REAL. It’s water to my soul and it helps me gain #perspective, as my dear friend said so perfectly tonight.

What do you need to keep your perspective in check, dear one? When we make time for the things that water our souls and keep us excited and motivated, we live a more abundant life.

I’m all about the joy and abundance amidst the busy, amidst and chaos and amidst the routine. I’m all about making the time for sunshine.

I’m sending you a cheer kick and lots of love as you let your needs speak to you and tell you what moves you can make to live more energetically and more joyfully.

Here’s to music, friendship, joy and LIFE!

Some is Better than None

SOME is better than none. This is one of my most significant mottos both personally and as a therapist. So often, our #allornothing mindset can paralyze us because we think, “if I can’t do a full workout, I just can’t do it at all.” Another statement I often hear is, “if I can’t do it the right way, I just don’t even try because perfect feels way too hard.”

Hi, I’m Lindsay and I’m a recovering perfectionist. I am continually reminding myself that #someisbetterthannone, whether it be a 7 minute workout, a 45 minute meet up with a friend or squeezing in an essential oils bath late at night before bed.  When I get out of my own way and #justdoit, even if it’s something SMALL, it leaves me feeling better because I took an action step. That action step leads me closer to my goal - or need - or dream. And then it gains some momentum and brings me a little closer to where I want to be.

When I remember that I always have #choices, my life becomes brighter, lighter and more #empowered. Wholehearted life begins when I exercise my choices and when I get out of my own perfectionistic way. And this is where we truly practice living true to ourselves.What tools do you use when perfectionism seeks to steal life from you?

I wish you all the juju as you take a step in the direction of your dreams - even if it be small. Because SOME IS BETTER THAN NONE. #youvegotthis #tiuteam