Refresh, recharge, refuel

These two have my whole heart. Today was about carving out the time to get connected with eachother and nature. There isn’t much that a little forest bathing, galloping through some sand dunes, Grocers Daughter Chocolate, the big lake and a lot of laughter can’t cure. What is your favorite way to refuel and connect with your people?

Live True to YOU

You know yourself better than anyone. That little voice inside? It’s worth listening’s trustworthy and it’s telling you the answer. It is a-ok to #livetrue to yourself, dear one. And it’s ok to be gentle with yourself as you take that next right step in your life. 💕

Healing Journey

Come join me on a healing journey as you seek freedom, authenticity, self love and abundance through counseling.  In this space, possibility, empowerment and acceptance reigns. Your story matters and it is waiting for you to take a courageous step toward gentle, loving change. I am accepting new clients and I would be honored to walk along side you on your journey.