Lindsay has helped me understand the significance of making my personal needs a priority in my life. When I have come to her feeling like everything is crumbling, she has taught me to detach from others with love, and realize that it is okay to take a step back. Her empowering presence has helped me understand that there will always be a way to move through the difficulties of life.

Confident Clients


Lindsay Wills has been a gift from God in my life. Not only does she listen and give incredible guidance, but she looks at the whole picture. She sees things that you have yet to understand. And she does her best to help you get there. She has a warmth that’s so calming and inviting that the moment you walk in the room you feel that whatever you are going through will eventually come to an end. Her work has changed my life for the better and I will always be thankful for that.


Lindsay has been an absolute inspiration and such an light to not only me but to so many others. She has shown such unconditional support to me in my life, through the multiple stages of life, at all times. Lindsay is attentive and caring with all of my needs and is so knowledgeable about how to comfort me in my best and worst times. I am a better, stronger, wiser and a more confident person because of her.


Lindsay Wills is a voice we all need -- she is strong, patient, compassionate and full of wisdom. Through many formative years of my life, she listened closely and helped breathe on the things that needed to grow and helped me release what was holding me back. I can't thank her enough for the time she invested in helping me fight for peace in my life. She helped me pave a way for the life I now lead, full of bravery and trust in all the right things. I am a better person today because of her influence in my life.

She created such a warm and nurturing environment for me to share the truth. After talking, I ALWAYS walked out with a smile on my face, confidence bursting out from within, and the tools to make positive change. After having a poor experience in the past, I was relieved and comforted to finally find someone who helped me to see the worth that I have and who would always be in my corner.


Lindsay helps me to feel safe, grounded, and connected by allowing me the space and freedom to explore all the different areas of my life by guiding me to be truly authentic.

Lindsay Wills’ unbelievable knowledge of a woman's nature is something I have always admired and greatly benefitted from. She continuously incorporates the right amount of motherly love and true grit about emotion and learning how to find yourself. Her concoctions of digging deep into yourself and preaching self love creates a soothing environment of inspiration. She always seems to know exactly how to settle the confusion, and ultimately leads you on a path of truly finding the best versions of yourself.

One of the things I love the most about Lindsay’s counseling is her ability to make concepts simple. When situations seem overwhelming with many different areas needing attention, she is able to see the big picture and address the underlying issues--providing a fresh perspective.  Lindsay is a true listener. She has always made me feel like I’m important and of high value when I am sharing. As someone who over complicates, I so appreciate her unique approach of prioritizing and problem solving. She is one of the most grounded, kind, hard working, loving people I have ever met.

I think I speak for not only myself, but many other teenagers and young adults when I say that Lindsay Wills has impacted my life with her teachings in countless ways. She has helped me experience growth that for me was unimaginable. With an incredibly loving and compassionate manner, she’s not only guided me through my most difficult times, but she’s also given me tools to feel as though I am in control, and the tools to practice self help. She has given me countless amounts of support, positivity, and self-affirmation that have been so crucial when it comes to my personal growth. Without Lindsay, I may very well still be stumbling down a path of self-imposed negativity. She truly is a beacon of light in one’s dark thoughts. She has shown me that I, myself, am enough, and I have such immense amounts of gratitude towards her for that.