Pricing + Services


Counseling sessions $135/50 minutes



5individual counseling sessions

$135/session — Working one-on-one within the context of a therapeutic relationship can be an important piece of one's individual journey.  Not only can it offer insight and healing, it can be a catalyst for change.  Feeling heard and understood.  Accessing tools for listening to one's self.  Practicing gratitude. Exploring action steps.  All these elements can truly be transformational.  I have found this "healing space" to be paramount in my own life as both a a client and as a counselor. 

I do not accept insurance directly, however, I am able to provide you with the information needed for submission to your insurance for reimbursement. You will need to check with your insurance provider to learn more about your out-of-network provider benefits.

group counseling

Varied group rates ($50-$85) — Having a sense of belonging while walking life's journey with others is an empowering and necessary part of the human experience.  It fuels us to break new ground in our lives.  I offer group counseling in the following areas: single mothering, new mothers and divorce.  Group sizes include a minimum of four and a maximum of eight members.  Weekly group meeting prices vary between $50 and $85 per meeting depending upon group size.  

workshops + retreats

Custom rate per event — Custom workshops and retreats are available upon request for churches, businesses and organizations.  Workshops and retreats for single mothers will be offered in beautiful Traverse City in the near future.  Stay tuned!

consulting services

Variable rate — I offer consultation services for businesses, organizations and churches.  Areas of expertise include authentic leadership, single parenthood, divorce, relational authenticity and intimacy, grief, loss, trauma, resilience and teen issues. 


Variable rate —  I offer speaking and (large) group motivational services.  Such work has been part of my professional background for nearly 20 years.  I use colorful, inspiring and descriptive language as I share about my passions, research and life experience.  I am currently in the process of writing my first book. 

essential oils rolLers

$15.95 each— Live True offers essential oils rollers in order to bring forth life for the mind, body and heart.  


The practice of gratitude sets the stage for living in the present with our whole hearts.