Release … A Retreat!

I’m so excited to announce RELEASE, a retreat focused on finding freedom from past relationships.

So many of you have been asking if a retreat was in the works...and YES IT CERTAINLY IS! If you are looking to free the past, embrace the now and love the future, this retreat is for you!

I vividly remember a time in my own journey when I experienced my world, my dreams and my hopes come to a screeching halt. I felt alone and I didn’t have the tools to begin navigating life as a divorced mom of two little people. I was grieving the loss of life as a knew it and I needed to know there was #hope available to ME.

I attended a life changing retreat that helped me gain the tools and perspectives I needed to begin carving a #new path. Little by little, I began putting one foot in front of the other.

I found that being surrounded by other women who could #see me, #hear me, and #understand my journey made all the difference.

This retreat will be a time for separated, divorcing or divorced women to be surrounded with love, nurturing and opportunities to shed what was in order to make room for what is. This is a time for YOU, beautiful soul, to be known, validated and guided into new, abundant life. Will you join me?

I hope to have the opportunity to experience this healing journey with you! Dates and info are in the works...stay tuned, tag a friend to follow @livetruecounseling instagram and use the hashtag #release in your post for a chance to win some @youngliving_essentials_oils_ ! 

All my love, Lindsay & Live True Counseling 💕

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Refresh, recharge, refuel

Refresh, recharge, refuel