Holiday Reflections

We have had such a beautiful stretch of days. From a nearly forty year old tradition of gathering with our closest family friends to my favorite night of the year with my family...Christmas the stuffing of stockings and the anticipation of the wonderment of Christmas Morning. The celebration of love through the gift of an innocent babe and the jubilation of being near my family.  I cherish each piece and I hold it in my heart like gold.

As I sit by the twinkling lights of my Christmas tree, I reflect upon a time when all was not merry and all was not bright.  My kids and I could not see how beauty could come from the ashes that landed on our lives. We chose hope even though it was so far off into the distance. We walked forward with fear and a clouded path. Yet...we were not alone. People came out of the woodwork and blessed us in incomprehensible ways. We were lifted up. Carried. And supported. We experienced profound love and profound blessings. While I won't forget how far we have come, we choose to live and claim a new space. A new hope. A new road. A new life. Life throws us curves. It gets bumpy. Sometimes we hit a boulder. We are not alone in the journey and we CAN do it. So much love to all of you who are surviving, thriving and overcoming. Taking a new step which leads to another and...another. Little by little. And choosing to see and claim the miracles in our midst.  -Lindsay Wills  #merrychristmas #practicegratitude #lookingbackandlookingforward #itallbelongs


Merry Christmas!

Choosing to be Present

Choosing to be Present