The Power Within

The power is from within. But we cannot receive it unless we give it. - Charles Haanel, Author of The Master Key System

My sweet girl has been asking me to take her on a run regularly for the past couple of weeks. We made it happen. We had a couple of detours such as extra stretches, twirling in the grass, naming love & gratitude while looking at the water and doing hand stands, but we did it and we finished it. Together.

She was getting tired, but said to me, “Mom, I’m glad we are doing this today because it’s making me a stronger woman with a stronger voice.” I nearly lost it and then drew a smile from ear to ear. I said, “I am glad you are gaining more tools as you become a strong woman and I am so proud of who you are.”

She harnessed the power within herself and my heart soars. 💕

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A Retreat

A Retreat

Be More + Do Less